Adults thinking they're cool for having Seekrit Clubs is always going to be the most obnoxious thing ever, be it gangs, the Mafia, the Masons, country clubs or a bunch of 20-year-olds-who-look-forty who call themselves "the Machine." » 4/22/14 2:27pm Tuesday 2:27pm

It's pretty amazing that the last example of a PoC protagonist was still the voice of fucking Doc Holliday (although Prince of Egypt did do an unprecedentedly good job of clearly representing characters who would have been historically non-white as such, compared to something like Aladdin.) » 4/18/14 3:03pm 4/18/14 3:03pm

Their hearts aren't in this anymore. "Depraved lipstick-based blowjob parties, eek!" was creatively batshit. Nowadays it's just "black kids are gonna punch you for no reason" or "getting your kids Hepped Up on Goofballs through the seductive glamor of glowsticks." This is Mad Libs shit. » 4/13/14 3:32pm 4/13/14 3:32pm

Can I simultaneously think that Holmes said a fairly dumb thing and that it's creepy as fuck that these people are parading their kids like pageant contestants just so they can show him that they Totally Got Him? And possibly wonder how much of a role the desire to be able to do that played in their decision to adopt… » 4/11/14 6:38pm 4/11/14 6:38pm